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Aspiring? Ambitious? If so, you can’t escape the perpetual yearning to “step-up” in your career. It may be every 6 to 18 months, however, you are undoubtedly going to feel that internal desire for more recognition, responsibility, reward or an unyielding drive for personal growth and mastery.

That inner drive comes from:

• Realising your new job resets your base line. Past achievements are cashed in for the new role. You know you are be able to achieve even more than you previously thought – you’re eager to get traction and prove it.

• Knowing that you’re very good at what you do. Having received recognition and respect in the past. You now seek to catch the eye of the influencers once again to secure the beachhead and advance!

• You strive for success in everything you do. You seek mastery, to optimise your new area of scope; to make it all that it can be.

With these realisations, come certain challenges:

• You know that aspects of what made you successful in the past, will hold you back as a leader. Develop the skills that will count for success in the new role.

• You will need to convey expertise and credibility – possibly for a level of work where you feel confident – but unproven.

• You need a systematic and intentional process – to rapidly build strong and productive relationships with your team and key stakeholders.

How do you react to that yearning to “step-up” your career?

It goes without saying, there are fears and unknowns to be faced.

When you encounter this fear, there is a choice:

Sure, you can keep doing what you have always done. You can look over the fence to others doing jobs you could be capable of. It’s comfortable in a sense. Staying in a place that is familiar.

But part of being alive, is that natural demand for growth. So we become agitated, the discomfort grows stronger – you know it is time for more.

Which do you chose?

Regret. To remain in the discomfort of knowing you’re meant for more, but failing to take a leap when presented with the opportunity.

Take a leap. To brace the discomfort of following your inner desire, to where you’re meant to be going. You take that leap of faith – you jump knowing the net will appear. Masses of people lead lives of quiet despair. But that’s not leading – they’re simply hanging on.

But if you’re a true Leader, you’ve been here before.

And you’ve taken the leap when your gut said “Do it.” Even when your brain recoils at all the ‘logical’ fears.

If you can’t escape that perpetual yearning to “step-up” in your career – and you’re totally committed then let’s schedule a free “Technical Leader” strategy session.

Just email me at laura@tealassociates.co.uk and we can schedule a free 15 minute chat.

It’s a way for us to begin to get to know one another. And see if there is a fit between what you need and how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Cumming