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After 13 years at school, 3 years at University and 4 years working full time and studying for professional qualifications I finally became a Chartered Accountant – it felt like the Holy Grail! (Sad, I know!)

But, wow was I exhausted having stepped off the academic bullet train.

Celebration was essential and it took the form of a lovely new car.

8 years later with a few bumps, scratches, rattles and a little rust – I still had the same car. Despite encouragement from friends and relatives to buy another, less worn car. I was stubbornly unwilling to change it.

I sat back to ask myself why? Why will I not let this car go?

It wasn’t obvious at first, but then I thought

“I hadn’t let go”

Big deal right? I mean it is just a car!

But that’s when I had my big Ah-Ha moment:

“Holding on to my past success, was hindering my future success”

You may not totally agree, but, for me, this triggered some tough questions I needed to answer.

“Am I striving to reach my potential? Or am I just surviving from one day to the next – knowing I did my best once before?”

Embarrassed – I realised way too often, I wasn’t striving to reach my potential.

Since then, I am working on it.  And I constantly ask myself “Am I striving or just surviving?”

When I think of “striving” to reach my potential, I think of a young Mo Farah aspiring for his first gold medal.

Can you imagine a top athlete like Mo saying, I couldn’t afford the best coaches, or the best equipment. I couldn’t afford to get out of my demotivating environment to hang out with other serious contenders. That’s why you see me hanging out at the local playground.

No chance.

I imagine him saying, “I didn’t have the money for the best coaches, or the best equipment, but I was so determined. So I figured it out…”

Then he’d tell you so many stories about how he made it happen, so he could realise his potential.

Things so many others would be too scared, too complacent or too comfortable to try.

Why do those things?

Because he was committed to reach his potential.

And it’s precisely these things I can help you navigate, direct and master.

If you are looking to truly thrive in your role and it’s something you’re totally committed to – then let’s schedule a “Technical Leader” strategy session.

To schedule a time with me, click here.

It’s a way for us to begin to get to know each other.  And see if there’s a fit between what you need and how I can help.

Laura Cumming

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