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“There is so much to do, there’s no time to develop my team. Everything is so reactive and I don’t have all the details, how can I stay in control when I can’t see the bigger picture. I’ve no time for a vacation and I can’t be off sick there are so many deadlines to meet. I lie awake at night and I barely see my family. Now that I am in charge, it’s really overwhelming…… what have I done?”

I hear versions of this all the time.

It is a common “jolt” for managers and leaders alike, who’ve just stepped up to that next level.

And, there is one piece of advice I give each time.

I know it’s so easy to say, yet not so easy to do.

Strive to make yourself redundant.

Redundant….? I hear you say!

Yes!! Aim to make yourself redundant right from the start.

Now, I don’t mean literally redundant where you are out of a job. But to get your job working on auto pilot so you are able to stretch yourself to the next level.

This is what I did right the way through my corporate career.

So, let’s think about this:

  • Are you stuck “doing” more than you are leading others? If YES – then not only will you be stagnating, but your team will stagnate and your business with stagnate. Where will all the new skills and ideas come from to keep your business ahead of the competition?
  • Are you so bogged down in the weeds that you react to every request with a high sense of urgency? If YES – then you are not intentionally moving forward, you will struggle to recognise progress and many projects will take twice as long to accomplish as you are spread so thinly.
  • Are you regularly working longer and longer hours, feeling stressed, awake at night and compromising your family time? If YES – then you’re physically working more hours, but are less and less productive. It is harder and harder to stayed focused and concentrate. And seem almost impossible to make even more sacrifices to take that next step up the ladder.

Now imagine if:

  •  You could get more done by actually working less.
  • You have a clear vision of where you, your team and your business are heading. So you can quickly sift through the daily demands and prioritise only those which align to the end goal and discard the clutter.
  • You reach a point where your team no longer needs YOU.
  • You create new opportunities you’re excited about, to grow and prepare yourself for your next career leap.
  • Your family are thrilled to have you back to your old self and love spending time with you.

Well everything I have said already, is nothing new. I am sure you have heard this many times before.

So where do you start?

A good friend of mine – he has recently done just this. He made himself “redundant”.

Speaking with him, he agreed that what you’ll find as the real barrier – is not one of needing more information and more knowledge.

The breakthrough is one of THINKING differently.

If you’ve been stagnating – the reason is not because you don’t know enough. It’s because your current environment, habits, routines are all the product of a certain way of thinking.

My friend, he was able to overcome this. Yet many people are too scared, complacent or too comfortable to try.

WHY did he do it?

Because he was committed to reach not only his potential, but to develop his team and improve the business performance.

And it’s precisely these things I can help you achieve and overcome.

If you are looking to truly thrive in your role and it’s something you’re totally committed to – then let’s schedule a “Technical Leader” strategy session.

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It’s a way for us to begin to get to know each other.  And see if there’s a fit between what you need and how I can help.

Laura Cumming