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It’s remarkable how many new employees are comfortable, leaving the success of their relationship with their new boss to chance.

Only to be left feeling frustrated, alone and underachieving.

You can’t help but think back to the best boss you ever had.

Yea, you’d like the new relationship to be exactly the same, you know your future success is dependent upon it but you only go about it half-heartedly.


Because you engage in “I-must-prove-myself” thinking

Take Rob for example, a newly promoted Finance Manager who wants to become a Finance Director. Even a Board Member.

Rob tells me that after 6months, his new boss was indifferent to his progress and refused to discuss his request for additional resources.

He told me “I’ve created new sales reports, implemented new automated banking software and restructured the budgeting process. I worked 65 hour weeks, barely saw my family and my health is suffering. I can’t keep going at this pace. My boss doesn’t get it, he’s based in LA – I’ve actually only met him twice!”

He felt deflated and that his efforts were futile!


Notice how he assumes that to thrive in his role, he has to “fix” everything quickly, work harder and longer hours, until he’s almost burnt out. Barely seeing his family or exercising.

But why isn’t his assumption that he CAN impress his boss, improve the business AND have time for family, exercise and health? There are many people doing it. Why not him?

Here’s why: Because he doesn’t see HOW to do it. He doesn’t see another way.

So he assumes he can’t.

Now, that’s the entangled way most people think.

We jeopardise aligning our WHAT and WHY because… the “I-must-prove-myself” thinking TRICKS you into believing you know HOW

Or worse, prevents you from admitting that what you’re doing is just NOT working.

SO… we risk falling down unseen rabbit holes.

Causing our ambitions to fade and to become demoralised

…there is no paint-by-numbers path to WHAT we want.


That is not how the people you admire and respect think.

They ask WHAT and WHY first, before they even consider the HOW.

They know that by fixating on the WHAT and the WHY… they’ll figure out HOW along the way.

This is Accurate-thinking.

Most average folk… will abandon the WHY and the WHAT, if the HOW isn’t crystal clear at the start!


Back to Rob, a newly promoted Finance Manager who aspires to become a Finance Director.

Rob was driven to impress his boss, focusing on quick changes he’d implemented before, working harder and longer hours juggling many balls at once.

There is something comfortable about “I-must-prove-myself” thinking, you limit yourself to goals you think you know how to achieve.

Relying on your past methods of success to achieve success today.

YET this leads to misalignment, the perception of underperformance and a much slower harder path to what you ultimately want.

Negotiating success with a new boss requires you to invest time, be vulnerable and take risks.

If you don’t you are open to stagnation, limited career progression and lack of access to resources.

You simply cannot leave this critical relationship up to CHANCE.

And it’s precisely this relationship I can help you effectively navigate and master.

If this sounds all too familiar… you are looking to truly thrive in your role and it’s something you’re totally committed to

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Laura Cumming

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