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Most of the business owners I meet went into business seeking freedom, a better lifestyle, more money or simply because they love to run the show. Financial acumen is rarely at the top of their skill set and many have even said they simply aren’t that interested as long as it works! So it is only to be expected that mistakes are made which can jeopardize their dreams.

I work side by side with smart, determined and passionate business owners just like YOU to predictably and steadily increase your business cash and profits.

I support you to uncomplicate your business so you can work less and live more.

I believe in making a difference


There is a new breed of entrepreneur emerging who is passionately driven to make the world a better place through their business dealings, instead of profiting at all costs. 

As one myself, I enjoy partnering with purpose-driven business owners working to make a positive difference in the World. 

I apply this to my approach with business owners. I believe in entering into a collaborative partnership to empower business owners with knowledge of their business’ key financial metrics and levers to help them make good decisions for the future.

As a Chartered Management Accountant, I believe that mastering your business finances shouldn’t be hard, complicated or intimidating. Business finances shouldn’t be abstract reports and numbers sent to the VAT man; they should focus your attention and bring your business to life!

Ask any entrepreneur, they’ll tell you that money makes the world go round. Consciously making the decision to master your business finances enables you the freedom and success that you are striving for.

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Laura brings empathy and caring to her clients. I could tell she genuinely cared about helping me understand how my strengths could help me develop and grow my business. I immediately felt at ease sharing my story with Laura.

G Schlorff

Associate Development & Experience Manager, Banking Services

I found Laura to be very professional and approachable. During meetings, Laura made employees feel at ease which in turn created a sense of trust and engagement. Laura possess valuable communication skills and has the ability to communicate effectively in a clear and concise manner both vertically and horizontally across the business. I found Laura to be results driven and solution focused and she was a respected member of the Management Leadership Team

Tracey Elvin

HR Director, Draeger Safety Ltd

Laura’s warmth and good humour is clearly evident in her sessions, even while chatting by webcam from across the ocean! Engaging questions show she is paying close attention, as she works with you to arrive at a clearer understanding of yourself and your business.

K Belitski

IT Analyst, The Co-operators

Working with Laura has been refreshing and a pleasure, Laura is a highly motivated professional, with great communication skills and always looking to improve our processes and systems to benefit the business and individuals.

K Coulthard

UK Supply Chain Manager